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Weekly Horoscope: March 13-19, 2023

There’s a sense of navigating though thick fog this week with only our intuition to guide us. By week’s end, though, we get the all-clear, and Venus shifts signs, bringing more love and harmony into our lives.

After an intense weekend, we’re ready for action on Monday with a restless Moon in Sagittarius. With no major aspects, we’re free to see where this roaming energy takes us. Our dreams could take flight overnight, thanks to a trine to Jupiter.

Speaking of dreams, Tuesday evening the planet Mars in communicative Gemini forms a square to Neptune in Pisces. Take note of what you dreamed the night before; there could be important messages in them. But in the real world, we may be feeling not quite up to the usual pace, energy-wise. Or find we expend our efforts in the wrong direction. The blinders could come off when it comes to certain people, too. Consider it a warning not to be too trusting. Caution is needed, but don’t fall into doubting everything and everyone. It can also prompt a desire to help others, but make sure you’re truly assisting not enabling.

It’s back to biz on Wednesday with the Moon entering goal-oriented, hardworking Capricorn. At the same time, Neptune conjoins the Sun in the decan of Pisces ruled by Mars. This is an ideal day for inspired action, to meld dreams and desires with practical plans and begin to move in a positive direction.

It’s best to lie low on Thursday, March 16. Early on, mental Mercury gets lost in Neptune’s fog, making it hard to focus on practical matters. And love goddess Venus in fiery Aries is tangling with power-player Pluto. Jealousy can be easily triggered, especially if we leap to conclusions. But any ultimatums issued or blow-ups can be destructive, and take a long time to rebuild.

But help is on the way, as soon as 6:34 pm ET when Venus slips into her home sign of Taurus. Love is sweet and stable between now and April 11. We’re ready to get back to basics, like the Golden Rule, in all relationships. And place a premium on long-lasting. And we’ll forge bonds based on shared values and tolerance for others’ foibles. This placement can bring out our love of beauty, as long as it doesn’t break the bank. And if redecorating, comfort will be a priority. And this pleasure-loving sign also urges us to pamper ourselves and our loved ones.

Friday begins with the Moon in Capricorn, then shifting to Aquarius. With Saturn giving Venus a big assist in her new role, this is a good day to smooth out relations at work. And to start filling the social calendar for the weekend ahead and beyond.

The Aquarius Moon bodes will for a weekend of socializing. On Saturday, things may not go as planned early in the day. A Moon-Uranus square churns up instability so for best success be prepared to improvise. With Mercury making a sextile to Pluto, conversations may be deeper than usual and lead to important realizations.

The Sunday scenario is enlivened by Mercury’s shift into dynamic Aries. A drive in the country, city outing or any active activity is what satisfies today. Confident communication smooths the way for romance.

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