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Weekly Horoscope: February 8-14, 2021

Give peace a chance, as John Lennon and Yoko Ono once famously warbled…..and try a different kind of love while you’re at it, especially on Valentine’s Day weekend.

Energy is always lower before a New Moon, due this coming Thursday. And with no fewer than six planets in Aquarius, it’s time to chill and open our hearts to universal love. And no throng is too small for this gregarious and far-thinking sign!

On Monday, February 8, mental Mercury colludes with the Sun in the sign of the Water Bearer. This is the day for inventive thinking, collaborative communications and brainstorming. But with Mercury still backspinning, write them down for later implementation.

Rest and cooperation may be hard to come by on Tuesday. A Mercury-Mars square, exact early the next day, puts us on edge. All our forward ideas are stymied, most likely by a need to attend to practical matters. Or, more conservative superiors may try to muzzle us.

In relationships, this can dredge up past issues with both parties refusing to compromise in resolving them. Positively, the stalwart Mars in Taurus can help us stand our ground if being forced to change too suddenly. Or weed the wheat from the chaff in our wider network. And stand up to people who try to bully us into conforming to unrealistic or even flaky belief systems.

Thursday brings the year’s New Moon in Aquarius, exact at 2:06 pm ET. Set your inner viewfinder on widescreen, IMAX Enhanced. A plethora of planets in visionary Aquarius sets the tone for the next 4 weeks. Among them, Venus and Jupiter canoodling in Aquarius and prompting our hearts and minds to overfloweth. Catch a cupful of the Water Bearer’s bounty: universal love, communal good vibes, awakening social consciousness.

This lunation is void of course (making no major aspects to other planets), though, which acts like a Mercury retrograde. So the best course now is to dream the dream but wait until later to implement. And there will be more than one shakeup over the next month as these planets clash with Uranus and Mars in Taurus, making security and stability hard to come by.

On Saturday, February 13, the scenario is dreamily romantic and creative. The Moon in receptive Pisces helps us to make the most of an industrious and inspired Mars-Neptune sextile. The planets supportive relationship shines favourably on our efforts to emulate them in our rapports.

Valentine’s Day highlights Aquarius’ love of quirky paradox. For this annual celebration of amour falls under the aegis of this detached sign that prefers mental connections to mushier expressions. With communicator Mercury conjoining extravagant Jupiter, heartfelt expressions will be larger than life.

And because Aquarius is both creative and prefers the unconventional, those who cherchez or advance a romance will find the socially distanced thing feels right somehow. And find inventive ways to forge closeness virtually. And the sign’s friendship first policy many experts say is an excellent vehicle for building the longest-lasting relationships.

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