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Weekly Horoscope: February 26-March 3, 2024

We lean into leap year this week, buoyed by enthusiastic aspects that help us throw caution to the winds—until a midweek reality check.


The workweek gets underway with the Moon ensconced in harmony-seeking Libra. We’re ready to consult and find the middle way. With communication planet Mercury in Pisces, we also are guided by empathy and intuition.


We’re also under the beams of an ultra-energetic aspect that culminates in the wee hours of Tuesday. Action-star Mars is squaring off with boundless and excessive Jupiter.  This can help us all put the hammer down, even if we must go on blind faith. Folks who are prone to procrastination will benefit, as they can now act boldly without dithering. But the impulse challenged and hotheads will be even more so, and we may have to sidestep some “right fighters,” those who stubbornly maintain an opinion just because.


The urge to jump first, think later continues into Tuesday. We may have to call upon the equitable Moon in Libra to assist in exercising good judgement and maintain equilibrium. Fortunately, with helpful aspects to both Venus and Mars, we can rely on a little help from our friends.


Wednesday brings a three-planet pileup of the Sun (purpose), Mercury (thinking, communicating) and party-pooper Saturn (reality). It continues themes of commitment and making (and keeping) it real that were set on last weekend’s Full Moon.


This is an excellent time to clarify if you are on the right path. Open your mind to new insights, have meaningful discussions with folks who can shed light. What constitutes your real bottom line may surprise you. It’s time to not only plot a course forward but put boots on the ground. This might involve making a decision that you may have been avoiding a while. Emotional truths must be considered now and trump hard, cold facts. This can put you on solid footing, but just watch for the Pisces trap of pessimism overload that leads to inertia. You really do have this!


Thursday, February 29, is Leap Day, and fleet Mercury will have moved on to make an upbeat sextile to jovial Jupiter.  We can now talk up our big plans to the collective as Venus, now in forward-focused Aquarius, aligns with the North Node of destiny. The Moon in deep Scorpio makes favorable aspects, helping us to bring emotional issues to light and both convey and manage them responsibly.


The mood continues into Friday, buoyed by an optimistic Sun-Jupiter sextile. But a major upset could occur midday as Luna opposes volatile Uranus. It’s best to give folks space then and allow ourselves some breathing room, too. The storm quickly passes, though, and the evening promises quiet, blissful moments for romance, mindfulness or creativity.


The weekend kicks off with the Moon moving into Sagittarius, a sign that never met a party it didn’t love, on Saturday. It sounds the all-clear for socializing until late at night, when an aspect to Saturn may make us to cautious to overindulge. It’s also adventure seeking and loves to improvise, so an impromptu jaunt might be just the thing.


The desire to break free could be overwhelming all weekend, what with a tense Venus-Uranus square perfecting on Sunday. We’re ready to go all-out for extreme experiences, especially on the social, creative or romance scene. A work of art or chance encounter might be electrifying, catapulting us into new awareness. If we’re in a relationship that feels too constricting, we may find sudden courage to make a bid for more freedom.

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