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Weekly Horoscope: December 7-13, 2020

Hunker in the bunker or head out and kick ass? Maybe both, as days favourable for action and inaction alternate this week.

The Moon, now in Virgo, drifts into her waning phase on Monday, December 7. This sign is often depicted as a maiden holding a sheaf of wheat. Which hints that this an optimal day for separating the kernels of goodness from the chaff. Most of us have experienced loss this year, of social life, close contact, income, pleasures, the list goes on. Why cling unnecessarily?

This is a good time d to embrace simplicity and being in the now. This can make it easier to gracefully let some old patterns, expectations or beliefs (and maybe a relationship or two) slide in preparation for the greater good coming. Small actions now can have big consequences later.

Fog alert: Midweek, clarity may be hard to come by. On Wednesday, the Sun’s beams will be obscured as they align in a square (90-degree) aspect. This could mean a short dip in the holiday spirit, as hope and good cheer (Sun in Sag) are dimmed by pandemic fears (Neptune in Pisces). Personal will and possibly good judgment are clouded, making it hard to see people or situations for what they really are.

And with two hyper-optimistic and often-gullible signs involved, this is not a good time to conclude an important deal and listen to a high-pressure sales pitch. But time spent on for artistic pursuits, self-care and inner journeying can be illuminating.

The murk clears quickly as we’re in for an energetic boost on Thursday and Friday. Mars in Aries then gives the Sun a major assist in the wee hours of December 11. Both are in freewheeling and audacious fire signs that are big on taking action. Storming the mall or a verboten social gathering and damn the consequences? A better plan might be to expend that energy around the house, making it snug and festive. Or make some new connections with folks on the other side of the world via social media and teleconferencing.

On Sunday, it is mental Mercury’s turn to try to cut through the fog bank thrown up by obfuscating Neptune. It may be almost impossible to get a clear answer from anyone. And you might get feedback that your own messaging did not have the intended effect. But time spent merging with a muse or Spirit could lead to downloads of enlightening information.

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