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Weekly Horoscope: December 30 - January 5

The year ends on an upbeat note with the planets urging us to set high aspirations and envisage a bold, bright 2020.

On Monday, December 30, mental Mercury makes nice with innovative Uranus and takes our cogitations off the beaten path. We’re able to open our minds to exciting new possibilities we once thought were beyond our reach and make a practical plan towards achieving them. If that involves mastering new technology or joining a group, this is a good day to do it.

The mood shifts on Tuesday, with the winged messenger planet moving on to make a quirky quintile with dreamy, mystical Neptune and the Moon, also in Pisces. Flights of fanciful and creative thinking hit new heights—what if, what if?

Many find it easy to add imaginative and theatrical flair to New Year’s Eve celebrations, especially if romance features in the scenario. Maybe pack your dancing shoes, too, because this sign loves to boogie.

The month of Janus—the god who looks forward and backward at the same time—begins with the Moon still in Pisces. With no major aspects, it’s a good day to stay in the jammies and to make peace with the past, envision the future and the ways you might help make it better, or just enjoy the moment.

Or, since we’re beginning to feel the next day’s Mercury-Jupiter conjunction. Expansive thinking gets a strong dose of the cautious and constructive sign of Capricorn. But an impatient Moon in Aries on Thursday might goad us into impulsive activity we will later regret.

On Friday, January 3, Mars leaves angst-ridden intense Scorpio for adventurous and impetuous Sagittarius until February 16. We’re ready to launch those dreams and resolutions with confidence and spontaneous initiative. This combo likes physical activity, so you just might use that gym membership. In the sign of the globetrotter, your search results might include last-minute getaway deals to warm and exotic climes. The downside: Over-extension and overconfidence can lead to scattered energies or taking a gamble on a deal that is anything but a sure bet.

Wishing everyone a year of smooth transits. May the stars light your way towards a very, very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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