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Weekly Horoscope: August 2-8, 2021

Nose to the grindstone or take off on a spontaneous vacay? The need for both is extreme now, and finding the right balance most rewarding.

We’re still in the wake of the Sun-Saturn opposition that perfected in the wee hours on Monday and made the previous day such a downer. But a breezy Moon in Gemini speeds us along the road. We’re able to reach out and find just the right info to get the job done.

On Tuesday, August 3, we are more focused on our social lives and on enjoying life’s pleasures to the max. The gregarious Moon aspects Mercury and Venus early in the day. A Mercury-Uranus square on the same day has our mental synapses firing on all cylinders. Sharing the minutiae of our lives can be strangely rewarding, but we might overdo it. Or, experience a gaffe or two if we speak first, consider consequences later.

Venus in chaste Virgo meanwhile makes a harmonious alliance with innovative Uranus. If you’ve been struggling with a relationship dilemma, this one can bring the Aha! moment. We’re able to walk on the wilder side without going too far astray. The same creative impulse can work wonders for any creative project and even the finances, too.

An emotional shift occurs come Wednesday evening. Luna takes up abode in its home sign of Cancer. We may feel like retreating to our shells, perhaps literally as in catching up on chores around the house. Taking time to indulge in small acts that nurture those close to us and ourselves is highly recommended.

We shift again, this time more dramatically, on Friday, August 6. The Sun in bold, ego-driven Leo squares Uranus the disruptor. It’s best to keep all plans flexible that weekend. Because this aspect can manifest as surprising developments, including extreme weather patterns, that call for a sudden change of plans. We may also experience a clash between our need for recognition and tending to life’s mundane details.

This aspect carries over into the chart for the New Moon, exact on Sunday, August 8, at 9:50 am EDT. Which means it will strongly influence us for the next month. It occurs in the sign of Leo, which is all about the heart. If every there were a time to discover who or what you love, a grand passion in the form of a soul mate or calling, this is it.

The aspect to Uranus means we’ll have to do something way outside our comfort zones to achieve it. It’s only by blasting off for parts unknown that we find ourselves. So perhaps a spontaneous arts or spiritual retreat is in order. Or, just spending time away from it all, as Leo is also the sign that teaches us a little rest and recreation can often lead to re-creation.

Mercury is within 8 degrees of the Sun, where traditional astrology holds it is overcome by the solar intensity. Words have power now, and there will be a new urgency to get the word out. You won’t be alone and may at times feel drowned out. Just let it shine, Leo’s royal right, and remember to do so with an open heart.

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