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Weekly Horoscope: April 6 - 12, 2020

The week kicks off with a rare “pink supermoon.”Pink is also the colour of pure, sweet love. Which when all is said and done may be the grace that will save us.

“In the pink” usually refers to being super healthy, ironic given the current pandemic. Folklore has it that each year April’s lunation is the pink moon, because it coincides with the emergence of blooms in that hue. This one, exact at 10:35 pm EDT on Tuesday, April 7, is a supermoon—a full Moon at perigee, or closest to Earth.

Full Moons are always about awareness and balance; supermoons make it all that much more critical. This one places the Aries self-centred drive to take the initiative with unbridled zeal against the Libra need to consider the other and negotiate.

A challenging aspect between Mars and Uranus could bring out erratic and aggressive behaviour. Accidents, outbursts and sudden terminations may occur. It’s best to lie low for a couple of days around the Full Moon; drive extra defensively and keep extra distance while walking.

Neptune adds an element of confusion now. Conflicting information, like whether face masks are effective or asymptomatic people can pass on the virus, creates more uncertainty. Breathe, relax; this too shall pass and quickly!

On a positive note, the Sun in Aries seeks fresh opportunity, in keeping with experts’ recommendations about trying something new each day to keep our balance while in isolation. The Moon in Libra needs to connect and be social. Venus brings joins the party, in Gemini and bringing a desire to chat and hang out.

One client reports she will host her first-ever online Passover Seder, another is finding online dating more meaningful as she takes time to connect with new suitors at a distance. Couples feeling the pressure of too-much togetherness can use this energy to renegotiate living arrangements. Perhaps you each need to more clearly define which spaces are all about me (Aries) and which about us (Libra).

We get to process all this and do some soul searching from Wednesday evening through mid-day Friday. The Moon in Scorpio urges us to go within to find emotional stability.

The mood shifts dramatically on Saturday, April 11. The Moon is in “where’s the party?” Sagittarius, making it a great day for an at-a-distance block party or online games afternoon. Fresh optimism fills the atmosphere, especially since on the same day Mercury completes its long stay in Pisces. Now in fiery Aries, this and the following day are excellent times to look ahead. Set the vision on wide scope now.

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