What you'll need to book a reading:

The date of your birth (month, day, year) and EXACT birthtime (birth certificates are the best sources), plus the place where you were born.

I will also ask you for some personal information, and what you expect to gain from a reading. From it, I will construct a map of the sky using a specialized computer program.

Then I’ll crunch a bunch of numbers, some technical analyses based on accepted western astrology practice.

During our session I’ll explain what’s going on leaving all the technical bits and jargon out.

Want to know more or book a time?

 Contact me:


Astrology readings are best conducted face-to-face, but I have a long list of clients who consult me regularly via the telephone.

I can provide you with a record of the session on tape and will email you some useful written materials as well.

I recommend 90 minutes for first-time clients. This gives us ample time to create a personality sketch, along with your strengths and weaknesses, and map out major life themes before delving into the forecast portion.

A 60-minute reading is ideal for follow sessions, and for people who like to come for semi-annual or more frequent “check-ups.” We’ll look at the major cycles unfolding, the life trends, and examine the possible events that might coincide.

30-minute readings are best for when you have a specific question or issue to discuss.

What to bring: Your questions and an open mind. I provide my insights by examining your natal chart and the cycles that are unfolding.

I won’t tell you exactly what to do or predict what will happen; that's up to you. But I will help you identify your areas of growth or self-sabotage and what windows of opportunity for change are open to you--all with any eye to making better choices.